Despite their unique and descriptive name, Pop Evil are neither straight up pop, nor are they evil. They are a killer rock band with the knack for creating insanely catchy anthems. PopCrush has teamed up with our sister site Loudwire to premiere Pop Evil’s video for ‘Torn to Pieces.’

Pop Evil show off their more emotional and contemplative side with this video and song, from their album ‘Onyx.’

You might want to tune everything else out while you watch the video, since it’s cinematic in scope and the narrative is compelling.

We follow the protagonist, singer Leigh Kakaty, as he nears a cliff — that’s the most vivid scene in the whole video, and it comes at the 2:30 mark or so– and is lost in thoughts and memories. He cycles through many thoughts and memories of his father, actually, who shows up at every turn. It imparts the message that even when someone is gone, they can stay with you. The question is: Ae you looking in the right places?

“Digging up the past can be very difficult. Losing someone close to you has a healing process, and I choose to do it through this video. It makes me happy that this song is helping people like we hoped it would,” Kakaty said.

There’s also live footage spliced with the rich, powerful narrative, effectively capturing life on the road for rockers with cool tattoos and long hair.

The power ballad and the compelling video just might convert you into a Pop Evil fan.

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